Monday, December 7, 2009

Red Shoes & Green Roses

So I'll explain briefly before I launch into what might seem like total nonsense.

I've always loved red shoes. Besides the way they look, they remind me of two things; moving confidently forward and as a signal to pay attention to where I'm headed.

I've recently become a lover of wild lime green roses. They remind to live inspired, outside the box.

At Christmas I always find myself stressed, bogged and squelched. The following is a little mixed up as far as poetic rhythm goes - but life is a little mixed up anyhow...

Red Shoes & Green Roses

It'd be nice living life
Just through rose coloured glasses
No roadblocks or pitfalls. No coming disasters.
No smashes, or clashes or nasty red rashes
Or brothers emitting those bad smelly gases

Some days you find yourself aching & illed
Splayed on the sidewalk, your veggies all spilled
The knee of your white pants is bloodied and ripped
The fart you imagined turns out to be sh-t

The mole on your back looks suspicious for cancer
And 9 freaking days it will take for the answer
Your gut wont stop churning, your eyelid is twitching
You're itchy and antsy and freaking and sckitzing

But don't lie in bed & resort to the blues
Go buy some green roses and wear your red shoes...

Remember that some days are peaches & cream
Bravos & hand shakes, frontlining the team
Others are terrible grave misadventures
Dog breath & hemorrhoids & chipping your dentures
Bank charges, credit checks, art being censored...

But you have to allow for extremes in your schemes
Everything isn't the way that it seems...
At the end of the day, don't let go of your dreams

Indulge in green roses and raspberry shoes
And a little white wine - it's the reason for booze
You master disaster by calling its ruse.
However you feel is the way that you choose.


Erin Wilson said...

Bravo :) Totally appropriate for me today, as I'm nursing a horrific toothache (day 4) and counting down the seconds until my dentist appointment.

I don't own any red shoes, but I will think of yours :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!! I take offense to the line, "Or brothers emitting those bad smelly gases".
I don't emit bad smelly gases, I fluff and it smells sweet, sweet!
Enjoy the day and your red shoes & green roses.