Saturday, April 28, 2012

So - home this weekend, first time off on a Saturday in almost a year.  (well, minus recent wonderful trip to Guadalajara.)

My blog is scaring me, sending notices of shutting down unless i transfer to the the new ftp format.  I think I've done that, but the emails continue so i may drop out of blogosphere May 1.  In which case, a fresh start may not be such a bad thing anyways.

Last weekend I set out all my deck furniture and made potato salad in anticipation of brighter days.  Inevitably, that triggered a week of rain.  Did enjoy the first sounds of summer though.  The noisy neighbors shouted, 'no water! no water!' as their children delightedly hosed down each other down then screamed in indignation as the dousing was reciprocated.  Seems like such a short time ago we were the noisy neighbors with small kids.

Today i'm helping track down student funding for my daughter studying spanish in Mexico.  Her 6 months at Universidad PanAmericana are drawing to a close and she's desperately plotting how to extend her time there.  I'm riding a roller coaster of emotion on her behalf, hoping there's a way she can stay, but tethered by financial realities.  If only the world were fueled by wishes and not dollars.

Well, the house is quickly coming to life.   Mike is leaving town for the weekend, the kids are up fridge surfing for breakfast and Frodo just bounded in, filthy and enthused from his visit through a crack in the fence with the neighbor's dog.

Saturday begins.
Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Student funding???? Does that mean Lis is in need a of a cash influx??? Why not ask Uncle R? I'm always willing to donate to a good cause. How do I send her $$$$
Hard to believe it has been 6 months.